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Patrick Godfrey is a Canadian pianist, composer, 
singer songwriter and producer. 
His recordings and productions have won numerous awards, 
including Oscars and Junos.

He was born in Toronto in 1948 and grew up playing rhythm and blues 
while studying Bach, Bernstein, and Fats Domino. 
During his over fifty years as a professional musician, 
he has worked with 
Bruce Cockburn, Daniel Lanois, Raffi, Ben Mink, Mendelson Joe, Holly Cole, 
Marc Jordan, Len Udow, Stan Rogers and many more.
Patrick scored Richard Condie's Academy Award nominated animations 
The Big Snit and La Salla, 
the Oscar winning short Bob's Birthday and the hit British TV animated series 
Bob and Margaret.

His productions for Classical Kids, 
Mister Bach Comes To Call, 
Beethoven Lives Upstairs, 
and Mozart's Magic Fantasy are all Certified Platinum.

His children's classic Joshua Giraffe, made famous by Raffi, 
has sold over one million copies.

Patrick is based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The Truth


Ancient Ships (1980)
Bells Of Earth (1982)
Small Circus (1985)
Blue Night (1994)
Strange Rain (1995)
Still Life Still (2006)
Thats Why (2007)
Amos And The House Of Stones (2012)
The Bob Variations (2012)
Old Soul (2013)
Blue Sun Swing Low (2014)
Cedar Smoke And Cloud (2014)
Red Moon (2015)
Three Birds (2015)
Welcome To Buttonland (2016)
November (2017)
Out Of My Hands (2019)
Stranger Rain (2019)
Note Book (2020)
A Song To Deliver (2022)
On Night Wind (2023)
The Pataphysician (2024)

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